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About Us

Badminton Geelong has been very fortunate in having many committed and innovative volunteer administrators over the years.


The association continued to grow and reached its peak in the 1960’s when there were 60+ teams and 400+ players.


In 1960’s and 1970’s a fundraising program was set up to establish a central venue with high quality courts. In 1975 with the assistance of the Shire of Corio (now part of the City of Greater Geelong) 6 international standard courts were provided at the Corio Leisure Time Centre. An additional 6 international standard courts were provided at the Corio Leisure Time Centre in 1984 totally financed by Badminton Geelong. The Betty Sapwell Lounge was also totally funded by Badminton Geelong and opened in 1994.


Badminton Geelong was now being acknowledged by governments as an example of an efficient sporting body which did not rely on government funds to promote their sport.


Celebrations of 60 years of playing were held in 2006 where a team of 60 years, the administrator of 60 years and the coach of 60 years were acknowledged. Those acknowledged were team of 60 years Judy Nyirati (captain), Julie McDonald, Michaela Wise, Wendy Shinners, Darren McDonald, Craig Booley, Mark Synot and Max Williams. Administrator of the 60 years was Ross Synot and the Coach of the 60 years was Betty Sapwell.


Innovations have continued in the 2000’s and Badminton Geelong was responsible for initiating the setting up of the Barwon Sports Academy and bringing the Australian Masters Games to Geelong in 2009.


In 2014 BGI purchased 6 purpose built taraflex courts to enhance the stadiums reputation as one of Australia's Best Badminton Stadiums.